Focus – all structured settlement brokers

The topics of brokers help and compensation are discussed at

length in recent months. In late December this debate was warmed up when John

Dyer, a settlement planning consultant from, LLC went on

head headed by Ronda Bentzen, a structured brokerage factoring intermediary

a business like Bentzen Financial Solutions.

The debate between Dyer and Bensen revolves around whether or not he is

acceptable to you as a settlement planning consultant

refer customers to a factoring company. I will have to agree with this topic

Bensen that it is not unhealthy, by itself, for a structured settlement plan

charges for such a fee.

My thinking about this is as follows.

Similar to Bentzen, I am on both sides. I was a sales for life and annuity

agent for four years. I have created countless annuities for my clients and for

the occasion when their financial positions changed

exit from their annuity. This was often enough for what I found out

structured settlement, factoring, and eventually my orientation changes

when I started with the Sovereign Financial Group in 2002.

First as an insurance agent and annuity and now in a structured

settlement factoring business, I always put the best interest of my customers

first I think it is reasonable for a structured settlement plan either

insurance and annuity

professional help for clients when looking for renowned factoring

company and helping with sales details.

Where I disagree with Bentzen is when it will be announced in December 21, 2007

post that "… The referral fee ultimately saves the ratings and comes out

from my pocket. "That statement is simply untrue. Contrary to any claim, any

The fee is added to the best available price

the client market.

In light of the recent controversy, I think it is important to provide

some guidelines for structured settlement plans and for the annuity company

representatives who want to know your customers

Serving their needs, they are the most money for their annuity

the fastest, most professional service.

1. There are many situations where structural alignment can no longer be

suitable for your customer. Times change. Your client's assets must be flexible

to overcome these changes.

2. You have taken care to design a structured settlement

suits your client's needs. Factoring that you advise on

selling an annuity to your client:

(s) is selling properly in the conditions, and if so, compliment the

payments must be sold;

(b) what is the best price for these payments;

(c) which is the most complete court process to complete the sale?

3. Every sale requires courtesy of the best interest test

annuity and all dependents.

4. Purchase price and level of service

companies. Just as you get competitive quotes for structured settlement

annuities, you should receive at least two quotes from a competing factoring


5. Your customer will usually get more money and better service if you are

Consult a factoring company that specializes in the field of insurance and has

legal expertise

claims or an intermediary who has no control over the transfer or financing


6. You should follow the average time of factoring

choose to complete the transfer process and disperse your client's assets.

The benchmark is six to eight weeks. Unexplained delays over eight weeks will

cost your customer money.

7. During the transfer process, the factoring company should keep you well

your client is informed about the benchmarks and is proactive in resolving legal requirements

problems that may arise.

8. In case your customer decides to sell only partial payments, be

carefully that your customer does not agree to sell all payments

factoring company back to your customer.

Service arrangements can jeopardize your client's recourse

annuity publisher Further, your client can not be

if they are serviced by

factoring company.

9. It is acceptable for you

help your customers and referrals to a reputable factoring company. You

decides. However, contrary to some of the claims made in blogs, any fee you charge

will affect the best price available to your customer. You need to be careful

your fee is reasonable in all circumstances.

The Sovereignty Financing Group is specialized in the purchase of structured settlements

6 years. We offer brokers for plaintiffs:

1. The benefits of six years of experience in annuity insurance

and internal legal expertise


2. The most money for annuities to your client with the request of our investors

to compete with each other.

3. The fastest service with a guarantee on your customer price bid within two

hours of contact and sales documentation.

Compare our price and level of service

contact you. Contact David Springer at 877-836-4661.

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